Student Expectations

Core Expectations of Students

  • Demonstrate engagement with education by being prepared for class, arriving to class on time, participating actively in classroom activities, and displaying self-reliance in learning

  • Build community through interactions that demonstrate a passion for learning and respect for diversity

  • Aspire to academic excellence by studying or practicing skills 2 - 3 hours for every hour of credit/week, proving one's mastery of the course components with integrity and honesty

  • Collaborate with fellow students and instructors by listening carefully, sharing ideas and respecting class times and deadlines

  • Inspire each other to set and reach short-term and long-term academic goals; demonstrate a commitment to set and reach such goals

  • Display intellectual curiosity, envision new ways of thinking and learning, and eagerly and respectfully discuss ideas and issues throughout the campus

  • Show commitment that honors the college community and contributes to its ongoing life, showing respect for and dedication to learning