EICC Fresh Start Policy

Students who are returning to EICC to pursue a degree or diploma after an absence of three or more consecutive years may request permission to remove one or more of their entire academic terms from future degree and GPA considerations.


To be eligible for academic forgiveness consideration, students must meet these requirements:

  1. Students must not have enrolled at EICC for three or more consecutive years.

  2. Students must not have graduated from any program at EICC.

  3. Students must currently be enrolled and have successfully completed 12 hours of coursework, with a cumulative 2.0 grade point average, after returning to EICC.


Academic forgiveness is based on the following conditions:

  1. Forgiveness will be applied only to an academic term(s) completed prior to the student’s extended absence.

  2. All courses and credits that were taken during the chosen term(s) will be removed from consideration for GPA and degree requirements. Students CANNOT combine courses from multiple terms to comprise the term dropped.

  3. All courses for the chosen term(s) will remain on the student’s academic record. Grades for those courses will be changed to the letter “O”.

  4. A student will be granted only one academic renewal (Fresh Start).

  5. All other EICCD academic rules, policies and requirements apply.

  6. If a semester is requested that includes prerequisites taken with passing grades earned, the student is responsible for meeting any course requirements that may have been removed, which may mean re-assessing or retaking the prerequisite.

  7. W’s will be changed if they are in the same semester requested as a Fresh Start. A semester consisting of all “W’s” cannot be requested to be changed.


Students should begin the process by discussing their desire to pursue academic forgiveness with an advisor in the program in which they are currently enrolled. Students must submit a Fresh Start application requesting academic forgiveness to the Dean of Student Development.