Minor Children on Campus

Student Guidelines

Children may visit certain college offices and facilities for limited periods of time when their parent or guardian is conducting routine business at the college. However, regular repeated visits by children are not permitted. Under no circumstances are children permitted in:

  • Labs, construction/repair sites, other areas where potential hazards exist or recreation facilities, unless those facilities are being used for activities intended to include children (e.g. family hours, sports camps, etc.).
  • Testing centers.
  • Computer classrooms.
  • Classrooms: except when the child’s presence is necessary for classroom activities.
  • A child should never be left unattended while the parent or guardian is attending class, conducting other business or attending a public event on campus.
  • Line of sight supervision by the parent or guardian is required at all times; should a child become disruptive, the student and child may be asked to leave.


Visitor Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to bringing children to the campus by visitors:

  • Line of sight supervision by the parent or guardian is required at all times.
  • Parent or guardian must assure that children are not disruptive.
  • Parent or guardian must not leave children unattended while on campus, including athletic or other EICC activities.

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges assume no responsibility or liability for children, or for any accidents or injuries to children. For the purposes of this guideline, a child is defined as any youth under the age of 18 who is not officially registered in an EICC class.