Satisfactory Progress, Academic Probation, Academic Suspension

In order to guide and encourage students to maintain satisfactory academic progress, the following standards apply: The minimum satisfactory academic progress is a cumulative grade-point average of 2.00.

Students whose academic progress is below this standard at the conclusion of any term will be contacted by the Dean of Student Development. They will be asked to meet with their academic advisor to plan a corrective action program which may include restrictions on the number of credit hours attempted, supplemental assistance and other developmental requirements.

NOTE: When a particular college program requirement exceeds the minimum academic standards as stated above, the specific program requirement will apply. Each student is responsible for determining and complying with particular college program requirements.

Students unable to meet the above minimum academic standard at the end of the term of academic course work following the imposition of probationary status will have their progress reviewed by the Dean of Student Development and may be subject to additional remediation or academic suspension. A student who has been academically suspended may be readmitted on probation after one term of absence from the college.
For more information concerning policies, see the Dean of Student Development.