Tobacco Free

Pursuant to the Iowa Smoke Free Air Act, smoking is prohibited at all EICC campuses and buildings, including, but not limited to, all private offices, conference and meeting rooms, lounges, cafeterias, hallways, restrooms, elevators, stairways, and stairwells. Smoking is also prohibited in any vehicle leased or owned by EICC and in all outdoor areas on any EICC campus, including, but not limited to, any parking lot or athletic field.

Smoking is defined as the burning or inhaling or tobacco or other matter that can be smoked or inhaled, or the inhaling of smoke or vapor from an electronic smoking device. Tobacco use, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes and smokeless tobacco, and the use of e-cigarettes are prohibited.

EICC encourages students with questions and complaints regarding the smoking at the colleges to contact the Dean of Student Development. EICC expressly prohibits any retaliation against students who raises a complaint regarding any alleged violation of the Policy or the Iowa Smoke free air Act or exercises his or her rights under the act. Any student who believes he or she has been retaliated against should promptly make a report to the Dean of Student Development.