Welcome to Clinton Community College

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Clinton Community College. Since 1946, CCC has provided a high quality, affordable education to the residents of Clinton and Jackson County and beyond. We serve students from many backgrounds, current high school students taking concurrent courses and getting a head start on their college careers, students fresh out of area high schools that are here to learn a skill or gain valuable transfer credits, professionals looking to make that career change, adults seeking a class for fun, and many more.

Our goal is your success. We provide the knowledge and skills you will need to achieve these goals in your personal and professional life. We look forward to helping you discover, plan, and exceed your goals. There are many opportunities for you while you are enrolled at Clinton Community College. We offer a variety of options to help you succeed in your classroom work, including peer tutors in our Academic Success Center, and a staff and faculty that are vested in your success.

There are also many opportunities for you to get involved outside of the classroom. CCC offers a variety of clubs and student organizations as well as student activities. Please look into each of these opportunities. I encourage you to get involved and spend time on our campus.

CCC alumni are all over the world, making change, helping others, and achieving success. I am confident you will carry on this tradition.

I wish you all the best in your educational journey.

Brian Kelly