Recipient Testimonials

4 scholarship recipientsYour Support is Making a Difference!

  • Nazi Avoce
    "SCC has given me the chance to be the best I can be."

  • Megan Linzy
    "Thanks for SCC for the first time in my life I am proud of myself."

  • Alexandra Zust
    "The SCCF scholarship support I received will get me closer to my dreams."

  • Koffi Gbenyo
    "Receiving a scholarship gave me inspiration and encouragement to achieve my educational and career goals."

  • Toni Schmidt
    "Thanks to the donor support of a scholarship, I am one step closer to reaching my goals."

  • Kendell Veach
    "Scott Community College recognizes all my efforts."

  • Christine Carstens
    "Upon graduation from SCC, I hope to touch many lives and inspire more people to become nurses."

  • Danielle Cronbaugh
    "Being a nurse has been a dream for many years, SCC has allowed me to start this new journey in my life."

  • Andrian Banks/ Canady
    "SCC is committed to brightening a student's future through learning."

  • Mitchell Shoppa
    "The scholarship I receive this fall provided me the confidence I needed to achieve my goals."

  • Hang Nguyen
    "I had many obstacles to overcome to go to college. Thanks to the SCCF Scholarship I received I am encouraged to complete my degree."

  • Richard Lund
    "I will never forget the kindness the scholarship donor provided to assist me in starting my career."

  • Anna Snyder
    "SCC has provided me with an exciting career choice to give back to my community."

  • Riley Pegorick
    "Receiving a SCCF Scholarship has allowed me to concentrate on my studies at SCC."

  • Becca Bicknese
    "SCC Foundation Scholarships help students in this community, like me, succeed."

  • Claudio Barbosa
    "SCC Foundation Scholarships are a great example of the opportunities in this community."

  • Brian Ewalt
    "The SCCF Scholarship I received brought me one step closer to my goal of graduating."
  • Hannah Anderson
    "I absolutely love children and thanks to SCC I will be able to make a difference in their lives as a teacher."

  • Jean McClure
    "It is vital to me to demonstrate the importance of an education to my children. I am proud to set this example for them at SCC."

  • Mary Slusser
    "Being the mother of two small children, I often have doubts that going back to school was the correct decision for me and my family. The scholarship I received from SCCF assured me I am doing the right by all of us."

  • Jenna Brammeier
    "The SCCF scholarship donors have helped shape my future. They put me on a path toward success!"

  • Kelly Olson
    "The scholarship support I received helped not only me but my entire family."