Attracting and Retaining Talented Quadcitizens

Co-chaired by Greg Aguilar and LaDrina Wilson.

Key Challenges

  • We must show that we can support diversity by showing diversity.

  • Encourage businesses to create programs that assist with loan repayments based on their number of years with the company.

  • Get the word out- what is going on in the Quad Cities? Why should high school students stay?


Short-Term Strategies

  • Identify and confirm leadership for this committee.

  • Develop a directory of partners.

  • Engage with stakeholders in the Chamber QC Vision process to draw out the “what” and “why” for the community. Work on larger media campaign and identify the best and most cost-effective platforms for communicating the message.


Long-Term Goals

  • Begin an annual “You Can Do It Here” fair to showcase that the QC has tremendous employment options.