College Planning

Co-chaired by Tishly Herrington and Kassandra J. Daly

Key Challenges

  • Some families don’t have computers at home. Searching for internships on multiple sites on a public computer can be frustrating and exhausting.

  • Scholarship opportunities in the trades often struggle to get applicants that fit criteria.

  • We need to help parents understand the importance of education, because often, they are the most important role model for our students. Who could assist with this media campaign, and exactly what sound bites do we want to promote?


Short-Term Strategies

  • Identify and confirm leadership for this committee.

  • Develop a directory of partners.

  • Expand FAFSA assistance programs into neighborhoods that need it most. Go to them, don’t assume that they will come to you. Get the timing right so that they are able to come.


Long-Term Goals

  • Create multi-year scholarships from area businesses with an internship component.

  • Create guides or manuals that illustrate “how to be successful after high school.”