Credential Completion & Success

Key Challenges


  • Show the public- teachers, students, parents- that we DO care about their success and are working together to support it.

  • We need public campaigns that enforce “high school is not enough” and that post-secondary completion IS possible.

  • Campaigns also need to help de-stigmatize CTE’s/ Apprenticeships as a viable and respectable post-secondary option.

  • Figure out how to make targeted and tiered communication pathways with parents and their students go through K-12.


Short-Term Strategies

  • Identify and confirm leadership for this committee.

  • Develop a directory of partners.

  • Create a group that will develop marketing/branding materials (Chamber with the help of an advertising agency)

  • K-12 must contact legislators and advocate for their needs, i.e. -we need to push the Perkins CTE Bill.


Long-Term Goals

  • Develop a common orientation among institutions and community services.

  • Shift the paradigm so that college becomes the expectation at an early age.

  • Encourage school-based campaigns that show career paths of alumni.