Q2030: A Regional Action Plan

We’re not leaving it to chance. Collaboration is central to the work of the Quad Cities Chamber. In a global economy, the only way we compete is by leveraging the scale and diversity of our entire region. Q2030 puts that concept into action on a regional scale.

In 2014, the Chamber’s Regional Opportunities Council initiated a Regional Vision planning process by convening business, government, non-profit, and civic organizations to design a collaborative road map to prosperity for our region. What followed was months of research, public input, analysis, and evaluation followed by meetings of debate and consensus building. In November 2015, the Q2030 Steering Committee affirmed the framework for Q2030: A Regional Action Plan.

The focus of the plan is to ensure the Quad Cities is a magnet for people, investments, and jobs. Q2030 is aimed at building on the strengths of our region and leveraging our opportunities.

The four themes/pillars of Q2030 are:

Cool Places

Creative strong, attractive and functional places in which we live, work, experience and play.


Iconic Mississippi River Destination
Cultural Amenities
Mississippi River
Non-Traditional Forums
Signature Events

Creative People

Provide young people and workers with good jobs now and in the future.


21st Century Workforce
Cradle-through-Career Development
Healthy People
Leadership Development
Talent Marketing and Attraction
Welcoming and Inclusive

Connected Region

Come together and help one another in new ways to improve efficiencies, attitudes and perceptions.


Regional Branding
Community Collaboration
Intra-Regional Mobility


Prosperous Economy

Use our strengths as a region to retain, attract and create businesses and jobs.


Manufacturing Innovation Hub
1-74 Gateway Corridor
Competitive Infrastructure
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Policy and Advocacy
Research and Innovation
Rock Island Arsenal
Target Business Attraction Marketing

Initiatives in bold represent the "big rocks" that will cause the broadest domino effect to move the Quad Cities to it's goal.

The Q2030 Steering Committee coalesced around 21 elements and six key initiatives that will make our region better. For more information, call us at 563-322-1706 or visit quadcitieschamber.com


9/22/16 Q2030 21st Century Workforce Meeting Minutes

For questions, please contact grant coordinator, Lindsey Kennedy at 563-336-3374 or lmkennedy@eicc.edu.

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