Up-skilling and Re-skilling our Adult Workforce

Co-chaired by Michael O’Brian and Timothy Cottle

Key Challenges

  • We need to attract working adults back into the classroom to help them advance.

  • Fill holes in current wrap-around services- computer skills, vocabulary, etc.

  • Through consistent marketing efforts, we need to show the adults who have an “I can’t” mindset – because of kids, work, etc.-- understand that it actually is very possible.

  • We need resources for barriers (cost, time, childcare, transportation, mental health assistance, physical disabilities, and learning disabilities)—how can we integrate them into services that already exist? These services also need to be offered at reasonable times that would allow a working adult to benefit.


Short-Term Strategies

  • Identify and confirm leadership for this committee.

  • Develop a directory of partners.

  • Form a partnership with AARP to market education to older adults who can retrain for the workforce.

  • For the wrap-around services: identify where there are gaps/ evaluate time and accessibility/ and review effectiveness and reach. Are we serving the right people at the right time in the right way? Who are we missing?


Long-Term Goals

  • Organize Lunch and Learns at businesses about career, educational, and funding opportunities in an effort to bring information to adult learners.

  • Recognize businesses for providing CE opportunities for employees.