Expanded Functions Dental Assisting


In order to take the course the graduate must have successfully passed all components of the CDA exam or have two years experience as a Registered Dental Assistant.  They must be working with a dentist or have a dentist who is willing to supervise and check off skills.

Clinical Documentation

At the completion of the Expanded Functions course you will be provided with documentation that must be kept to prove your qualification to do the skills.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the clinical proficiencies required within the dental office.  After completing the clinical requirements you must submit the proficiency checklists signed by the dentist within the end of our course.  After submitting the information to your instructor you will be issued a certification.

Contacting Your Instructor

When communicating with your instructor it is best to contact through e-mail.   Please keep in mind that your instructor may not always be able to respond to your question immediately.     

Clinical documentation must be submitted to your instructor. If you have any questions regarding submission of the documentation, read the information discussed in the Course