TEAS Information

The TEAS 6 is designed to provide assessment data regarding a student’s overall academic preparedness for nursing related content. It is intended to correlate with early program success. The fundamental question the TEAS 6 attempts to answer is, “How well is a student academically prepared for learning nursing-related content?”

The TEAS 6 has four components to the test, each component has time limits. Reading = 53 questions (64 minutes), Mathematics = 36 questions (54 minutes), Science = 53 questions (63 minutes), English and Language Usage = 28 questions (28 minutes).

There are products available to help you prepare for the TEAS 6 test at atitesting.com new window. It's proven to work.  On average students who purchase TEAS 6 test prep materials score higher on their exam. Information and study materials for the TEAS 6 Test are available at www.atitesting.com, under the online store tab. When the student is ready to test, the student calls the testing center on the campus in which they choose to test to schedule a date and time to test.

The cut score for admission into the EICC’s ADN nursing program is 70%. The test may be repeated one time (the student will be required to pay the fee again). For those students who score between 60 – 69% remediation is required. After remediation the student may be admitted into the EICC ADN nursing program based on other admission criteria, remediation, and seat availability.

Pre Examination:

  1. Set up an ATI account. Go to www.atitesting.com to set up account. This will also have information on review materials available.
  2. Set up an appointment to test in the testing center.
  3. Remember to bring your ATI user ID and password with you to the testing center.
  4. Must have a credit, debit or pre-payed credit  card (cost is $70.00)
  5. Must present to the testing center with a picture ID.
  6. Please allow for four hours for testing.

Each library has ordered several books on TEAS preparation that will be available in the reference section of the library. 

TEAS Assessment – TEAS testing is now available in the Testing Center.

Remember seat space is limited so schedule as early as possible.  If you wait, there may not be an opening for you to take the TEAS when you want to take it.