Pregnancy Policy

Due to the danger from radiation exposure to the unborn fetus, especially in the first trimester, a Radiologic Technology student who becomes pregnant or suspects she is pregnant is advised to notify the Program Director of that fact at the earliest possible date. (Voluntary disclosure of pregnancy: It is the decision of the pregnant student as to whether or not she wishes to notify program faculty of her pregnancy. The student may undeclare their pregnancy at any time. This must be in writing.)

The pregnant student will be given a copy of the nuclear regulatory guide to read and keep. It will be the decision of the student, after reading the Nuclear Regulatory Guide, whether to continue in school, request a leave of absence, or drop from the program. The student will be assured a place in the next year’s class should she decide to take a leave of absence. Note: This guide is available for any student who desires to read in the faculty office.

The school will not be obligated to permit any special work limitations to accommodate pregnant students. Maximum radiation protection shall be observed at all times. Once the school is informed of the pregnancy, an additional film badge will be ordered and worn at the waist, under the apron to record the amount of radiation to the fetus. The school shall not be responsible for any decision made by the student.