Faculty FAQs: Testing Accommodations

Q: Are students required to use the testing accommodations listed on their letter of accommodations?

Although they are encouraged to do so, they are not required. Most students will choose to use their accommodations, but some will not. It is up to the students whether or not they choose to use them. 

Q: Is it the responsibility of the student or the faculty member to schedule testing appointments in the Test Center for students with accommodations?

The student is responsible for scheduling their testing appointment with the Test Center 48 hours in advance. The instructor’s role is to send a digital copy of the test to the Test Center 24 hours in advance.

Q: If a student chooses to take the test in the classroom instead of the Test Center, what are the responsibilities of the faculty member at that point? Has the student forfeited their right to extended time?

If the student takes the test in the classroom, there is no responsibility on the instructor’s part beyond just letting them take the test in the same manner as the other students. If students choose to test in the classroom, yes, they have given up their right to use extended time in the Test Center. 

Q: What if a student does poorly on the test taken in class and then requests to retake the test in the Test Center?

Retakes are not allowed. If the student chooses to take the test in class, then the results of that test stand. The student chose to forgo their accommodations, and the results of the test cannot be changed. 

Q: If a student fails to set up an appointment with the Test Center and does not take the test (or sets up an appointment but does not keep the appointment), what must the faculty member do? At what point is this student viewed as missing assignments and failing the test? Or do they get to take it all the way until the end of the semester? 

A: The student must take the test by the date agreed upon with the instructor. If a student understands that there is a test coming up but does not make an appointment and does not complete the test, they would receive a zero for the test (or would receive the same result as any other student who misses a test, per faculty’s policy). Overall, the student would be treated the same as all other students. 

Q: I have had students write me and remind me before each final assignment and test of my responsibilities. I believe that a student reminding the instructor of the individual accommodations is encouraged, correct?

A: It is the student’s responsibility to make testing arrangements, and to do that, communication with the instructor is very important. When the disability service provider initially meets with students to set up accommodations, students are encouraged to send reminders to instructors when a test is approaching. 

For tests in Canvas, students may be less likely to remember to give a reminder because they do not have to schedule the test themselves, as they do for tests in the Test Center. This is why it is important to modify each test/quiz in Canvas as soon as you get the letter of accommodation. 

Q: How do I submit a test to the Testing Center?

A: To submit a test to the MCC Test Center, use the online form. If you have questions, please contact the center at mcctestcenter@eicc.edu or 563-288-6056. 

To submit a test to the SCC Test Center, send a digital copy of the test to scctestcenter@eicc.edu. Include an email to scan it back to. Provide a full set of instructions for each test sent to the center.

For CCC, email ccctestcenter@eicc.edu or call 563-244-7090. Provide a full set of instructions for each test sent to the center.

Q: Does the Test Center staff know which students get extra time? Or do I need to indicate that when I send in the test?

A: The Test Center staff does not have students’ letters of accommodation, so they don’t know who gets extra time. When you submit a student’s test to the Test Center, you need to indicate the total amount of time the student gets for the test, based on their accommodation. For example, if the standard time for the test is 60 minutes, but the student with an accommodation receives time and a half (1.5), then you would list 90 minutes as the time limit for their test. 

Q: How do I extend time for quizzes and tests in Canvas?

A: Please see this link on how to extend time (moderate a quiz).