Student FAQs: Testing Accommodations

Q: Am I required to use the testing accommodations listed on my letter of accommodations?

It is up to you, the student, whether or not you choose to use your accommodations. You are not required to, but it may be very beneficial.

Q: Is it the responsibility of the instructor or me to schedule testing appointments with the Test Center?

You are responsible for scheduling testing appointments with the Test Center 48 hours in advance. The instructor’s role is to send a digital copy of the test to the Test Center 24 hours in advance.

Q: If I choose to take a test in the classroom instead of the Test Center, do I give up my right to extended time?

Yes, if you take a test in the classroom, you do not receive extended time.

Q: What if I do poorly on a test taken in class? Can I retake the test using my accommodation of extended time?

No, retakes are not allowed. If you choose to take your test in class, then the results of that test stand. You cannot go back and retake the test with accommodations.

Q: If I forget to set up an appointment with the Test Center and do not take the test on time, can I take it at a different time?

You must take the test by the date agreed upon with the instructor. It is your responsibility to make and keep your appointments. If you miss (or do not make) your appointment, you will receive a zero for the test (or will receive the same result as any other student who misses a test, per faculty’s policy).

Q: Is it my responsibility to remind the instructor of my accommodations before tests and quizzes?

You are strongly encouraged to remind your instructor of your testing accommodations before tests or quizzes, especially early in the semester. Your instructor may have over 100 students each semester, so reminders are always helpful! Overall, the more communication you have with your instructor, the more smoothly things will go.

Q: How do I set up a test with the Test Center?

Please see information for the three campus testing sites:

For MCC, email the MCC Test Center at or call 563-288-6056.

For SCC, schedule your test online at\scctesting or call 563-441-4088.

For CCC, email or call 563-244-7090.

Q: When taking a test in the Test Center, what do I need to bring to my appointment?

Please bring a photo ID, any log-in information needed, and any materials needed beyond scratch paper, pencils and a basic calculator.

Q: Who is responsible to tell the Test Center about my extended time?

The instructor is responsible. When the instructor submits the test to the Test Center, he or she will indicate the amount of time you will receive for the test. However, you will need to know the amount of time you get, so that you can schedule the right amount of time for testing.

Q: Who is responsible to extend time for quizzes and tests in Canvas?

The instructor is responsible to extend time for every quiz and test in Canvas. It is a good idea for you to double check with the instructor before the first quiz or test to make sure they have extended the time.