Internships & Co-Op Education

What is an Internship or Co-Op?

An internship or co-op experience is a hands-on work experience where students apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to a professional work setting. An internship is different from a short-term job or volunteer work because there is an intentional “learning agenda” structured into the experience. During internships, students are supervised by someone at the organization who helps them meet their goals and reflect actively on what they are learning throughout the experience.

Characteristics of an Internship or Co-Op:

  • Duration anywhere from one month to one year, but typical experience usually lasts from three to six months.
  • Should balance the work needs of the organization and the learning goals of the intern.
  • May be part-time or full-time, for credit or not for credit, and paid or unpaid,


Which Programs Require Internships?

Many of EICC’s career and technical programs offer an internship component for students to earn credit towards their degree. Some internships are optional and others are required. Contact your advisor or program faculty at your EICC campus for more information.

How do Students Find Internships or Co-Op Experiences?

Depending on the program you are pursuing, you can work directly with faculty to arrange or locate an internship, or contact your on-campus career services representative. If you aren’t pursuing a program that requires an internship, it is still recommended that you consider an internship to gain valuable work experience. Local employers also post internship opportunities via EICC’s College Central site new window for you to search directly.