Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

Complete Your Degree Soon

  • Are you aware that you can apply your prior learning towards a degree at EICC?

  • Your degree may be closer than you think. If you haven’t finished your associate degree, diploma or certificate – now is your chance.

  • You may be able to save time and money by receiving credit due to your previous college experience, military service and other prior learning.

What is accepted?

  • There are many types of Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) that are accepted at EICC.

  • Students may earn a significant number of credits through prior learning assessment by:

    • Examination

    • CLEP

    • Journeyman’s Card

  • For the adult student, learning has often taken place through workshops, seminars, institutes, continuing education programs, and unaccredited college courses for which no academic credit has previously been granted. This learning may be verified through testing or portfolios.

  • The educational or training programs that you have completed through a corporate or professional training institution may transfer to elective or general education credits. The same may be true for courses for which no academic credit has been previously granted.

Examples of documentation that may be eligible for CPL review:

  • Certificates of completion for credit and non-credit training programs

  • Original licenses

  • Training courses, workshops or seminar completion awards

  • Letters of certification

  • Examples of projects/or presentations

How does CPL work?

  • Apply for admission to the college (there is no cost).

  • For credit transfer, complete a transfer credit evaluation application.

  • For other forms of credit for prior learning, complete a credit for prior learning application.

  • Provide documentation of your certifications, licensures, and/or training.

  • Complete a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) portfolio.

  • Prior learning, experiential or traditional credentials are reviewed and approval by qualified faculty members.

  • Prior learning credit must match existing EICC courses using the course description. Description and course outcomes can be found in the EICC Course Development Model (CDM).

  • The grade of P (pass) shall be awarded for approved credit.

  • Credit is awarded for learning that occurred during the experience.

  • Credit earned through Credit for Prior Learning is applied towards EICC program awards. If you plan to transfer after EICC, it is strongly recommended that you check with your receiving college or university regarding credit transferability.

  • There may be a charge involved for CPL. Fees are non-refundable and are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Credit will be awarded to your transcript when approved