Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) is pleased to announce Liang Chee Wee, PhD., as the newly appointed Interim Chancellor. Wee brings a wealth of experience and a distinguished career in leadership to the EICC, having held significant positions at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC), including President from 2011 to 2022 and Provost from 2007 to 2011. 

The selection process for the Interim Chancellor position has been in progress since early August, initiated in response to the resignation of former Chancellor Sonya Williams. Over this period, the EICC Board of Trustees actively engaged in a thorough review of applicants' resumes and conducted interviews with top candidates. Today, the Board convened a special meeting to announce the appointment of Wee as Interim Chancellor.  

“With an extensive background in community college leadership and steadfast commitment to excellence, Dr. Wee is ready to lead EICC,” said EICC Board of Trustees President Bob Gallagher. 

Wee arrived in the U.S. on July 4, 1983, after serving in the Singapore Armed Forces. He grew up in a rural village in Singapore. As a first-generation college student, he relates to students served by community colleges and is passionate about the opportunities EICC provides. During his tenure as NICC’s President, Wee focused on establishing partnerships to expand educational access for learners of all backgrounds, promoting economic growth for businesses, and enhancing the well-being of communities in northeastern Iowa.  

“His leadership will have a positive impact on our students,” said Gallagher. “And his generous spirit, fresh perspective, and professional background will set the tone to move the college forward.” 

“I look forward to collaborating with our EICC colleagues and friends to continue to improve lives, support our business and K-12 partners, and contribute to the vitality of our communities,” Wee said. 

Muscatine Community College President and Vice Chancellor of Student Services, Naomi DeWinter, Ed.D., has been serving as Acting Chancellor. The Board is grateful for her steady leadership during this transitional period and appreciates her continued dedication to the college.  

Wee will join the college October 9 and serve through Summer 2025.  

“The Board will soon begin the process of establishing a comprehensive chancellor search, which will formally kick off next fall,” said Gallagher. “In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming Dr. Wee to Eastern Iowa Community Colleges.”  

Wee attended the University of Arizona, earning a PhD and an MBA in Business Administration from the Karl Eller Graduate School of Management, and a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems. He retired from NICC in 2022 and currently serves on the board for MercyOne and for Freedom Bank; has authored and published 23 peer reviewed papers; frequently serves as a keynote speaker, presenter, panelist, and facilitator at various events; and has been recognized with many professional awards and honors for his leadership. For more information visit eicc.edu/interim.