The Button Factory

Once a lively riverfront restaurant, now a culinary training ground.

In 2017, the college transformed the historic Button Factory into a cutting-edge professional kitchen for our Culinary Arts program. Spend one day a week honing your skills here, and the rest of time building hands-on experience in local restaurants.

This expansion builds upon the legacy of EICC's Culinary Arts program, which was launched at Scott Community College in 1991.

Culinary Arts Program

Earn a certificate, diploma, or associate's degree in our Culinary Arts programStudy all that goes into preparing nutritious and creative meals, including the science and techniques that make a dish memorable. Learn about purchasing, cost control, and management. Get hands-on training during a 6,000-hour apprenticeship. Or, take your degree one step further and graduate with a Journeyman Chef Certificate. It's an extra year and an extra 5,200 hours of paid, on-site work experience and mentorship.

You can be an executive chef, head chef, or an expert sous chef. Lead kitchen and menu operations for a restaurant, hotel, or college campus. Open a bar or corner bistro. Work in a commercial bakery. 

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