Foundation Scholarships

EICC is your best option when you’re looking for a great and affordable college education. Not only do we offer the lowest tuition in the state, our foundations support our students with scholarships.

Whether you were the class valedictorian or somewhere in the middle, whether you just graduated from high school or it's been many years since you've been in the classroom, or whether you are enrolled in a career tech program or plan to transfer, you may be eligible for scholarships. Everyone should apply!

The deadline to apply for Foundation scholarships for fall classes is March 1. The deadline for spring classes is Nov. 1.

If you are about to graduate high school and have already completed college classes with us, take advantage of a Connections Scholarship. It provides different levels of support, ranging from a free class to half tuition for the first year.


Everyone who completes a Scholarship Application with our Foundations is eligible for scholarships. We just need to know a few things:

Tell us your:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • The high school you attended
  • Your GPA (Grade Point Average)

Don't worry, this essay doesn't need to be long – only two paragraphs.

Tell us: 

  • Who you are
  • About your goals
  • And how you'll use your scholarship

Go beyond your family and friends. References should be people in your life like:

  • an instructor
  • a guidance counselor
  • a coach
  • a mentor
  • an employer


Check with the foundations at Clinton, Muscatine or Scott Community colleges to learn more about the scholarships they offer. There are also External Scholarships you can check out, which are offered by non-EICC organizations and businesses.

Are you an online student and unsure if you should complete the scholarship application for Clinton, Muscatine, or Scott Community College? Contact your advisor to find out which college is your home location.