Succeeding Online

Online does not mean all alone – we’ve got your back.

Academic Support

  • Lean on your academic advisor. They are there to help. Lost their name? Go to EICConnect - Self Service - Student Planning Module - Plan & Schedule - Advising tab.
  • You can request academic accommodations for your online courses if you have a Student Accommodations Plan established with EICC’s Disabilities Services.

Tips & Study Strategies

2 hours for each credit hour

For each credit hour, expect to spend 2 hours a week on assignments and studying.

Set study goals

Prioritize study goals. See each as a positive step.

Studying is fun!

Keep up a good attitude.

Syllabus is key

Your course syllabus is key to your success. Read it carefully.

Block time

Schedule time to study every week. Even if it's only 30 minutes for a quick review.

Take control

Stay focused. Turn off your phone. Resist social media OR use it as a reward.

Ask for Support

Ask your family to support your study schedule and avoid disturbing you during this time.

Set Reminders

Set reminders on computer/smartphone to stay on track.

Ask your instructor

Ask your instructor to share their expectation and requirements. Always good to know these upfront.

Deadlines & due dates?

Not sure about a deadline or due date? Find those in you course calendar.

Want extra help?

Reach out to our tutoring centers.


Reach out to your instructor.

Planning a trip?

Your class doesn't pause when you take a break. Proactive communication is key to your success!

Check your EICC email

Check your college email regularly. It is the primary way we will contact you.

Smiling student and instructor in classroom

Here’s your tutor

Whether you are attending classes online or in-person, we offer free tutoring services to all students. Reach out to the Student Success Centers at CCC, MCC, or SCC. Schedule a time to meet with a tutor. Submit a paper by email and get it back with tips to make it stronger. Online tutoring is also available.


Help or questions?

Experiencing issues with EICConnect or your EICC email account? Our Helpdesk can help. Reach out to them:

Eastern Iowa Community College District Office


Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
By phone 563-336-3456 or email

Available on weekends by email,

Other questions? Contact your advisor.