Statement of Professional Standards

EICC faculty, staff, and administrators champion the aspirational culture we seek for our college community.  As professionals, we model the behaviors we value in our colleagues and seek to impart to our students:

  • We prioritize student success.
  • We collaborate and work together in partnerships and teams to achieve the best outcomes for our students and communities.
  • We embrace and support diversity, inclusion, and equity in our practices.
  • We communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully, welcoming and valuing different perspectives and opinions.  
  • We treat others with dignity, empathy, care, and kindness.
  • We take initiative to meet the needs of those we serve and with whom we work.
  • We engage in ongoing professional development and continuous improvement while striving to be experts in our fields.
  • We motivate and inspire others to realize their potential.
  • We act with integrity.

Together, we are E.I.C.C. – an Engaged, Inspired, and Committed Community.