Student Grievances

In the event of a concern or complaint at Eastern Iowa Community College, issues should be resolved at the lowest level possible to resolve the concern quickly and to the satisfaction of those involved. Students are encouraged to make an informal inquiry to an instructor or the College’s Dean of Instruction as soon as possible following the event that gave rise to the complaint.

When resolution is not reached or not practical though informal inquiry, a formal complaint may be filed by following the Student Complaint Policy and Procedure.

External Complaint Process

For cases that cannot be satisfactorily resolved internally using the above procedures, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges provides both current and prospective students with the following contact information for filing complaints with its accrediting body and the appropriate state agency for handling complaints in a student's resident state:

  • Complaints about Eastern Iowa Community Colleges maybe directed to its accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission under
  • DISTANCE EDUCATION students in states other than California shall contact Iowa's SARA portal agency which is the Iowa College Student Aid Commission (ICSAC).

    State Portal Entity Contact:

    Iowa College Student Aid Commission
    Iowa College Aid website

    Iowa Student Complaint Form
  • The student should begin the complaint process with the institution and if resolution is not found, the student would contact the Institution’s Home State SARA Portal Entity. The SARA State Portal Entities are listed at
  • Any student attending EICC may use any of the above avenues to file a complaint.